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2nd May 2016
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Conquer the Clutter


It’s important to keep your home clean. This can be difficult & time consuming if your home is full of clutter. It can also affect everyday life ie your looking for something and can’t find it, this becomes frustrating or you give up before you start. We have compiled some helpful hints to ‘conquer the clutter

4 step approach to conquer clutter

  • If it’s not useful or beautiful it must go
  • When you buy something discard something especially electric gadgets
  • Don’t keep putting items in the loft
  • 3 questions to ask
  1. Do I really need it?
  2. Will I ever use it again?
  3. Does it have true sentimental significance or I am just putting off the inevitable

Signs of clutter

  • There’s nowhere left to store anything
  • Every time you open a cupboard or drawer items fall out
  • Unused or outdated gadgets lying around creating dust
  • Too many clothes you can’t see clearly what’s in your wardrobe
  • Sports equipment that you have bought with good intention but never used & has now become a clothes horse
  • Children have left home & left their unwanted possessions behind
  • Younger children have grown out of toys that they won’t use again but are still hanging around
  • Collections that have grown out of control
  • Too much furniture
  • A relative has passed away & now you have inherited their possessions
  • Boxes & piles of items you always intended to sort through but never quite got round to it

What to do

  • Tackle one task at a time whether that’s a room, cupboard or collection that you are looking to cull
  • Create different categories for items   Charity    Recycle    Sell   Discard
  • Try to keep focused set an amount of time that you can manage, spread it over a few weekends if it feels overwhelming
  • Set yourself a goal: are you going to decorate a room when it has been decluttered imagine what it will look like. Do you want to make some money with things you have sold, how much do you want to make and what will you do with the money?
  • Put items in trays or baskets so you can move them easily to clean. This can be on a dressing table, in the bathroom or kitchen.

Making Life easier

  • Most people live busy lives whether they are starting out in their career, raising a family or retired.
  • Additional help with everyday tasks can make a big difference to your life.
  • Camberley Ironing & Cleaning are happy to help, our aim is to provide a combination of services that will make life easier.
  • A regular routine is a great asset to maintaining your home & we will be delighted to become a part of your routine & provide additional help for special occasions with our bespoke gift service

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