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18th March 2016
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10 Tips for removing stains

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  1. Emergency spot remover

Create a simple but powerful stain remover by combining lemon juice with cream of tartar apply with a clean damp cloth. Then wash as usual.

2) Tea stains

Make a mixture of heavily sugared water by stirring the water as you add sugar to it. Keep adding the sugar until it no longer dissolves. To remove tea stains submerge the stained area of clothing for several minutes then wash.

3) Red wine

Try soaking the item in water then make a pouch in the cloth where the red wine is. Pour cream of tartar into the pouched area. Tie the ends of the pouch then let the garment soak. After soaking dip it in and out of hot water then wash as usual.

4) Ink stains

Wet sponge with milk and rub the ink stain until it disappears

5) Stains on pillowcases

Pour plain shampoo on the stained areas rub it in rinse thoroughly then wash as usual.

6) Grease spots

Sprinkle the spot with corn starch. Allow the corn starch to soak up the grease for a few minutes then brush it away

7) Lipstick stains

To remove lipstick from dark fabrics use a piece of white bread and remove the crust. Rub the bread gently on the stain until it picks up all the lipstick

8) Collar stains

Pour a little shampoo onto the collar. Rub the collar together to work the shampoo in well and rinse thoroughly. Then wash as usual

9) Blood stains

Wet the stained are with water then sprinkle with plain (not sea salt) table salt, rub one half of the stain against the other to work in the salt and loosen the stain. Then immediately wash

10) Grass stains

Use an old toothbrush and plain white toothpaste (paste not gel). Squeeze a small amount onto the stain then dip toothbrush into clean water and scrub the stain away. Continue until stain is removed then wash as usual.


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